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  Gunn @ Your Service Awardees

Meet Gunn @ Your Service’s 2015 Social Entrepreneurs!

Congratulations to 12 inspiring Gunn students who, with over 150 others on campus, are turning innovative ideas into extraordinary projects to make our world - nearby and far away - a better place:


Sarika S’s Gunn @ Your Service Grant will allow her to purchase supplies which she will use to teach candle making to underprivileged women in India, to help them with their own and other women’s financial independence.  [Economic Development-India]


Kevin J’s grant will be used to purchase a camera and accessories so he can make an instructional video of teens teaching teens financial literacy and money management. [Education/Financial-Palo Alto]

Divakar S. will use his Gunn grant to purchase supplies and advertise his summer emergency preparedness seminar for elementary school students in partnership with Palo Alto’s Office of Emergency Services.   [Education/Safety-Palo Alto]


Auston L. will use his Gunn Grant to purchase math cards, kits and games for Buddies4Math, a math program started by a Gunn student in 2010.   Buddies4Math student volunteers teach math to 153 students at Mountain View’s Castro Elementary and Crittenden Middle Schools. This is Gunn @ Your Service’s third year supporting this project.  www.buddies4math.blogspot.com [Education/Math-Mountain View]

Lisa L’s Gunn Grant will be used to run bake sales to raise money for shipping books and provide first aid supplies to students at Tiekunu Primary School in Kenya.   [Education/Literacy & Health-Africa]

Nandeeka N’s Gunn @ Your Service micro-grant will be used to purchase breakfast and lunch for low-income students attending summer classes at the Voices College-Bound Language Academy that she and her volunteer team will be teaching on app development with curriculum she designed.  [Education/Tech-San Jose]

Justin Y. will use his Gunn grant to purchase software for a computer lab he is creating for Gunn students and others interested in learning programming skills.  [Education/Tech-Palo Alto]

Katina Y’s grant will help cover the cost of bringing a women’s rights awareness campaign to Gunn’s campus centered around an edition of The Chariot dedicated to this topic and a lunchtime discussion for students.  [Awareness/ Women’s Rights – Gunn]


Eddie J. and Sharon C’s Gunn @ Your Service micro-grant will be used to promote and organize Spotlight, an online platform they developed for young Palo Alto visual and performing artists that connects them and their work to businesses and events, highlighting art as a path to success and improved mental health. www.spotlighteen.com  [Awareness/Arts & Health – Palo Alto]

Joy J. will use her Gunn Grant to purchase “visual” and Braille books and lab materials for a science camp her non-profit New Visions of Tomorrow runs with 100 Bay Area volunteers to empower blind and visually impaired youth. http://www.newvisionsoftomorrow.org/ [Education/Science-Bay Area]

Azhar T’s Gunn Grant will be used to purchase a small projector for  his talks at under-resourced schools in Kazakhstan about studying in America as a way to promote world understanding and peace.  [Awareness/Global-Kazakhstan]

Gunn @ Your Service is exceptionally proud to support these outstanding efforts! 

Jennifer Sampson

President, Gunn @ Your Service


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