Gunn Grants/Micro-Grant Guidelines


1.        Important Dates

Submission Deadline:             April 30, 2016

Award Notification: by May 10, 2016


2.        How to Submit

All applications must be submitted on the Micro-Grant Application Spring 2016 form below and signed and dated by the applicant and his/her parent. 

Completed applications can be emailed as a pdf attachment to or dropped off in Gunn’s Main Office to the attention of the Gunn Parents Community Service Boosters Club (aka Gunn@YourService).


3.        Award Remittances

Award funds will be paid to the grant recipients (“Grantees”) upon submission of actual receipts for costs incurred.  (No funds will be advanced based upon estimated costs.)  All receipts must be submitted before the Grantee graduates from Gunn. 


4.         Judging Guidelines

All applicants must be current Gunn students.

Awards will only be offered to projects devoted solely to charitable purposes that will be completed before the student graduates from Gunn.

No funds will be awarded directly to organizations that are run by adults. Projects that raise funds that will be donated to existing non-profits qualify (i.e., funds used to buy supplies for a carwash whose proceeds are donated to a charity).


5.        Other

Up to 10 micro-grants of up to $300 each will be given to selected student-run projects that meet these guidelines.

Grantees are encouraged to attend a Gunn@YourService meeting (date and place TBD) where they will give a 1 to 2 minute report on how their micro-grant was used.

Award recipients are urged to mention Gunn@Your Service in promotional materials and press coverage that relate to the project we are funding 

All Grantees permit Gunn@YourService to publicize their projects, their names and images as it deems appropriate. 

If it is determined by the Gunn Community Service Boosters Club Gunn Grants/Micro-Grant Review Committee that a Grantee does not meet these requirements, the grant will be revoked and funds paid returned to Gunn@YourService.

Gunn Parents Community Service Boosters                                                                             780 Arastradero Road  Palo Alto, CA  94306



Gunn Community Service Boosters

Gunn Grants/Micro-Grant Application (Spring 2016)


The Gunn Parents Community Service Boosters Club (aka Gunn@YourService) encourages Gunn High School students to become social entrepreneurs.  We started a Micro-Grant program to get you the seed money you need to get started!  Up to ten grants of up to $300 each will be given to selected student-run projects that meet our guidelines and are submitted via this Application by April 30, 2016 


Name of Gunn Student/Applicant:


Current Grade:


Phone:                                                     Email Address:  


Please complete the following (attach a separate piece of paper, if needed)


1.   Pitch.  Sell us on your idea!  Describe your proposed service project and what needs or objectives of Gunn High School or the broader community (local or beyond) will be addressed?


2.   Marketing. Describe how you’re going to promote your service project and get the word out. 


3.  Customer-base.  Who (or what) does your project serve? What will the impact be, directly or indirectly (i.e., how many people will be working on the project, how many people will be served, how many hours will be spent improving the environment, etc)?


4.  Time-Frame.  When did/will your project start and when will you be ready to provide services?


5.  Financing.  How will the requested funds be used? What items or services will be purchased and for what purpose?
























Total Amount Requested: $


6.                     Questions


a.        All income my project earns, if any, will be used for charitable purposes.

                                [  ]  Yes

                                [  ]  No

                          If no, please explain how the income will be used: _____


b.        My project

[  ] is

[  ] is not

   for an organization that is run by adults.  If you checked “is,” please describe how your project relates to that organization.


c.        How many Gunn students do you expect will work on your project?


7.        Agreement

 Your signature below indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to all of the terms of this program.


Student’s Signature:                                                  Date:


Parent/Guardian’s Signature:                                    Date: